Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wylie Fireworks

Thursday night we attended the Wylie Fireworks. They shot them off from one of our favorite parks, which is behind Wylie High School.

One of the high school fields was open to the public, which was HUGE, and everyone brought their blankets and chairs. Luckily I remembered the bug spray, because the mosquitoes were out in full force!

The Wylie fire department and police department were also there. Parker was able to get in the driver's seat of a fire truck and shake hands with some of the officers. He was very proud!!

There was also a DJ, bounce houses, and vendors set up selling lots of yummy junk food! We had already had dinner, but I had to get some nachos and popcorn. Ballpark nachos with LOTS of greasy cheese and jalapenos are one of my all time favorites!!

Nona came along too and we all had a great time!! Parker absolutely loved the fireworks. Peyton was a little scared when they first started and kept telling us that she wanted to go home. Luckily though, she warmed up to them pretty quickly, and ended up loving them too.

For living in such a small city, I wasn't expecting the fireworks to be all that grand, but I was very wrong. The show was awesome and the finale was one of the best I have ever seen; it was so spectacular that Adam thought it might have been an accident!!

Here's Parker "driving" the fire truck
Getting some free loot from the police department
This picture is AMAZING!!! Let me tell you why. This is the FIRST family picture we have taken since both kids have been born, where we are ALL looking at the camera and smiling!! Thanks to Nona for being able to capture this picture. I LOVE it!!
Nona and Peyton
Nona with both of her babies!
Adam & Parker
Me & Bitty
Sweet Peanut!
Not quite sure about the noise!
"WOWOWOWOW!!!!" Can you tell he loved them?!?!
So precious!
Bless her heart, she was SO exhausted!
Adam was trying to act scared

I didn't have a lot of luck getting pictures of the fireworks. These are the best 3 that I took, out of probably 25.

Time to head home!! Parker took a ride on Daddy's shoulders.
Peyton rode on Nona's shoulders. She has to do everything her brother does!!

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