Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Visit From the Holbrooks

Alli, Trey, and Chloe came over today for a visit. It was great to see them...it had been FOREVER!! They were going to be on my side of town (they live in Keller, over an hour away), because they had to take their new puppy, Molly, to the vet to get spayed. So, while Molly was in surgery, they came over to hang out and let the kiddos play.

The kids had a blast, especially the boys! Trey is much older than Parker, but he plays so well with him. Aunt May is here for Christmas, and the girls spent most of their time fighting over who got her attention. It was really cute! When one of them sat down in her lap, the other one was there within a second, to sit on the other leg.

Alli and I went to McDonald's to pick up lunch for everyone. When we returned to the house and started doling out the food, we realized that over half of our order was missing. So, we headed back up to Mickey D's to get the rest of the food. While we were in the car, we jammed to our oldies (highschool oldies, not 50's and 60's) as usual, and sang at the top of our lungs! For some reason, Alli and I totally bring out our goofy side in one another, so some of our funnest times together are spent in the car jamming out!!

Here's Molly...isn't she precious?!?! This is Chloe, a.k.a. CoCo Bear
She was sitting in my lap playing with the jingle bells
This is her "CHEESE" face! So adorable!!
Proud Mama Alli with Trey and Chloe
Big brother and baby sister...so sweet

Christmas with Grandpa & Nanny

Sunday we had Christmas with Adam's Dad and Step-Mom, a.k.a. Grandpa and Nanny. Nanny made a delicious dinner of craw fish fettuccine and homemade bread, with bread pudding for dessert. We had a good time over at their house and the kids LOVED their gifts!

Adam tickling Peanut before the present opening began This was Parker's face when he first saw his new scooter!
So excited!!
Taking a ride on his new toy
So precious in his new helmet!
Bitty wanted to ride too
Peyton getting her new doll house
She loved it!
Sitting on the doll furniture!
Parker using his new binoculars
Showing off his cars
Peyton opening some of the furniture for her house
Parker and Aunt Kate with the GIANT coloring book
Opening his telescope
Taking a break from opening to "cully"
Using his new telescope
Peanut was so excited! He obsesses over Grandpa's every time we go over there!
I told Adam to look excited that he was opening gifts, and this is the face I got.
This is the real face of excitement!

Christmas with the Crabtrees

Saturday evening, the Crabtree family came over so we could exchange gifts for the kiddos. I got a present too, although I wasn't supposed to! Andrea brought me some of her AMAZING homemade toffee...it is so DELICIOUS, that she has her own business selling it!! It's called Annie's Texas Toffee. I requested the toffee, but she also brought me a framed picture of Claire and Carter. It is beautiful!! We weren't supposed to exchange gifts for each other, only for the kids, but since they were such great gifts, I accepted them very willingly and was very thankful!

It's not a norm for our group of friends to exchange gifts at Christmas, because there are so many of us, but things are a bit different with the Crabtree's. Claire is my Goddaughter, and we are pretty much like family, so I'm sure it will continue to be a tradition for our families to exchange gifts!

We had a lot of fun watching the kids open their presents. They love ripping into the packages!! Peyton got play food to go with her kitchen that Santa will be bringing her. Parker got a game for his Leapster that he will be getting on Christmas Eve. He was a bit confused about why he couldn't play his Backyardigans game, but he got over it pretty quickly, because Andrea also bought them both a flute.

I bought Claire two shirts from a friend of mine who hand makes t-shirts and bows for little girls. They were super cute! I bought Carter a blanket and two car seat toys for when he's a bit older. Claire wasn't too excited about getting clothes, but she still had fun getting to play with the food and flutes with her BFF's!

Peyton opening her foodParker was very excited about Backyardigans!
Claire opening one of her presents
Ripping it open!
Peyton took bites out of all of her food!
Parker played his flute all night long!
Carter got to open presents too!
Claire got to help him
He loved his new blankie!
Parker took some pictures too!
I think he's going to be a photographer!

The Lash Outs

On Friday night I got to have a night out and go see The Lash Outs. I haven't gotten to see my hubby play a show in a LONG time, so it was a lot of fun! Dustin just recently got new drums and they looked awesome. They played really well and had a very good turn out!

Traci and DustinAdam and Me
Me and Traci attempting to take pics of ourselves
They didn't turn out very well

Reading with Grumps

I thought these pictures were too sweet not to share. Peyton LOVES her "Bumps"!! She climbed up in his lap last week while he was reading his morning paper and pretended that she was reading along. It was too cute!

Reading the paper Look at her hand up there like Grumps
So sweet!