Thursday, July 31, 2008

All Apologies

Sorry my blog has been so boring lately. I have been neglecting my posting duties, but I have good reason. We had a death in the family and I have been in Hachie since Tuesday. I will be heading home tomorrow and I have several posts, with pictures, already lined up.

Love you all!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday CoCo Bear!

Today was Chloe's first birthday party. She is Brian and Alli's daughter; some of our BFF's. She looked precious in her birthday outfit and all the kids had a really good time at the party! I'm posting 20 pics. Hope you all enjoy.

Here's Chloe, the birthday girl! There was too much going on for me to get her full attention.
This is Jonah making sad cute! He is Pete and Mel's son; some more of our BFF's.
This is Brian with Chloe. She was SO excited about the ribbon!
Of course..."cheese" face!
Jonah decided to help open gifts, while Parker opened the toys.
Peyton in her sunglasses from her goody it!
Here's Claire in her glasses, trying to figure out what the hippo squirt thing is supposed to do.
Chloe in her birthday hat getting ready to eat her cake.
She didn't want to dig in; this is as messy as she got.
This was her smash cute, and barely even touched.Jonah got decorated by the boys. I think he looks like a little pirate!
Parker LOVED the cake. Mmmmm!
This is Trey holding CoCo. He is such a good big brother!
Parker and Claire had a blast in the bounce house. It was too hot to play outside, so it was set up in the front office.
Claire is yelling at Parker. I think he kind of freaked her out a couple of times playing too rough.
I'm thinking we may need to get one of these. It would be a great way to get him tired before nap time!
Andrea, Stacy, Mel, Alli, Me, and Andrea. Andrea and Stacy, the preggos, are glowing in the pic!
It is hard to see, but look at Adam and Pete in the background! They LOVE to do this in pictures. Hilarious!
This is Joe wearing his goody bag glasses. I think he looks pretty stylish!

Who likes Honeydew?!?!

Peyton does!!! Who needs birthday cake when there's honeydew? She ate 3 whole slices...little piggy!

BTW...I am sure some of you wonder why I always post pictures of Bitty eating. Here are the reasons:

A. Because she's so cute

B. Because I am shocked at how much she eats and stays so little

C. Because my son eats NOTHING and I am amazed by a kid who will eat ANYTHING

D. Because she's so cute

"I am a Robot"

I was wrapping presents this morning for Chloe's birthday party and Parker wanted the roll that the paper came on. At first he wanted to play limbo, but quickly discovered that it would fit on his arm. He decided he wanted to be a robot. Adam cut the roll in half so he would have a "robot arm" for each arm. The Bee Bop Band drum has always been his "robot helmet", but we thought that the astronaut helmet would work just as well. Parker quickly corrected us that this was an astronaut helmet, not a "robot helmet". So, I emptied out the Bee Bop Band, and he quickly put on his "robot helmet". He continuosly keeps us laughing!

Oh, and guess what? I have my first VLOG! I hope y'all enjoy!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Peyton gets "Called to Duty"

Peyton begged to play computer games with her Daddy this afternoon, and this was our only solution. She absolutely loved it. I think it made her feel like a big girl. In the first picture, take a look at the milk, juice, and lamb (aka "Mammy")...she set them up that way. She is a bit OCD like her Mama! Cracks me up.

Of course...once again...the "cheese" face. The first 12 pics looked like this.
She was determined to take only "cheese" pics!
Look at her thinking she's typing like her Daddy!
"Hmmm...wonder what I should type next?"
"I am such a Daddy's girl!"
This is her new camera face that accompanies the "cheese" face. I had about 12 pics of this pose as well.

BTW, there is a reason "cheese" is always in quotations. Every time she sees the camera, she immediately makes that face, and says "Cheese!"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who likes Nectarines?!?!

Peyton does!! I showed her a banana and a nectarine and asked her which one she wanted. She grabbed the nectarine, said "ball", and took a big bite. I tried to take it to cut it up, but she was having no part of that.

Of course, she has to do her usual "cheese" face!Mmmmm!
Don't know what that face is, but it sure is cute!
You better not touch my nectarine!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nothing but a Number

Adam and I always enjoy our one-on-one time with Parker before he goes to bed. Tonight we were all sitting on the couch watching BB and Parker was talking to Adam about going to work and driving his car. He asked Adam, "did you drive your car to your other house?" I guess he doesn't quite grasp the concept of work yet.

A little later, we had the following conversation:

Adam: "Do you know how much Daddy loves you?"
Parker: "Uh huh. Three." (and holds up 3 fingers)
Adam: "OK. Three's good. Do you know how much Mommy loves you?"
Parker: "Uh huh. Two." (and hold up 2 fingers)

What?!?! I am a little shocked by this!

Me: "You think Daddy loves you more than Mommy?"
Parker: "Uh huh." (and nods his head)

I don't know why, but I took him seriously and I was very sad for a moment, until Adam took the conversation a little prove a point to me.

Adam: "You think Mommy loves you more than Daddy?"
Parker: "Uh huh." (and nods his head)
Adam: "You think the tree outside loves you more than Mommy?"
Parker: "Uh huh." (and nods his head)

Whew! I felt instant relief.

Before Parker went to bed, we had one more little conversation:

Me: "I love you so much Peanut! Way more than 2! It's even more than 10!"
Adam: "Parker, how much do you love Mama?"
Parker: "13"

Wow! My boys make me feel so loved. I am so blessed to have them in my life!

You're it!

Before you read this, let me just say a couple of things. First of all, sorry about the quality of the pics the past few days. My camera is acting funny and I have a bad feeling it is about to poop out on me. Secondly, these pics were taken right after dinner and before bath, so that explains why Peyton looks so disheveled. Why clean her to perfection when I am about to put her in the bath?

After dinner tonight the kids started running around chasing each other. I love watching them play together because it happens very rarely. Let me rephrase that...they attempt to play together a lot, but 9 times out of 10 it ends in tears. Parker either gets frustrated with Peyton because she won't do what he tells her to, or they fight over toys. So tonight when they were playing, and not fighting, I decided to get some pictures.

They were running around the living room playing what most people refer to as "Tag". Parker would chase Peyton until he caught her, and then she would do the same to him. After watching them for a bit, I asked Parker, "Are y'all playing tag?" He looked at me like I was crazy, and said, "No, Mama, we're playing Running." Oh...duh!!!

The couch is their safe spot.

Now Parker is safe!'re it!
Come on Peyton...I want to play some more!
Gotcha again!
I'm gonna get you!
Uh oh! Wipeout!

Hope you all had a great day today!

Love you all!

Why are you so cute?

Mom and I were outside playing with the kids yesterday and Mom asked Parker, "Why are you so cute?" He answered with a bit of mumbling because I don't think he had a clue how to answer that question. Well, I thought I would give him an answer to use when he is asked this question, because we know it is asked upon him ALL the time! hehehe

I told him we needed to practice answering this question, and so I asked him the question repeatedly, and told him his answer was to be "because I look like my mommy!" In fact, he looks NOTHING like me, but that's beside the point. Once I made sure he finally got his answer down pat, I asked him, "Parker, why is Peyton so cute?" He answered with, "because she looks like Granna!"

We started cracking up! After all the practicing we had done, of course Mom and I were expecting him to say, "because she looks like Mommy", but of course not! He can't give me any credit! I know neither one of my kids look like me, but I would still like to get a little bit of credit for them turning out so precious.

I don't know if this is one of those stories that is only funny to those that witnessed it happen, but it was HILARIOUS to me...especially seeing how sincere his face was when he answered. He didn't have to think a single second before he blurted out the answer.

Hope you all have a good day!