Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Super Boots

These pictures are just hilarious!! They are from the first week in July.

For some reason, Peyton decided that Claire's old boots were her "SUPER BOOTS", and she wore them all day long! They are 2 sizes too big, but that didn't stop her at all.

She and Parker also had Peyton's baby headbands wrapped around their wrists. They were...well, what else could they possibly be?!?!..."SUPER BANDS"!!

Peyton still wears the boots around the house at least 3-4 times a week. She is obsessed! I think I may have to find her some for this Winter.

The boots!
Showing off her "super band"!!
Here's Parker with his "super band"!!

Fun with the Crabtree's!

These are also from the end of June. They were taken during one of our weekly visits with the Crabtree's!

Claire could NOT keep from getting a wedgie! Andrea and I were cracking up at her little booty!
Carter Man
Attempting to play golf
I love this picture of Claire!
Playing golf
She is such a boy! She is using the golf club as a gun, and was shooting the "bad guys"!
Precious Carter
Not quite sure
So adorbale!!
You think it was sunny outside?
Peyton was feeding Carter his puffs. She is such a little Mama!
Eating lunch
Carter loved his first peach!!
He also loved the banana!
He was cracking us up when he was trying to eat. It was a slippery little sucker and he had a hard time holding on to it sometimes.
Parker decided that digging in the mud was better than swimming!
The whole is still there!

Hangin' with Granna

These are just a couple of funny pictures that I found on the camera after Granna had the kids for an evening. It was back at the end of June. They got to go have fun with Granna at Chuck E. Cheese!

Aren't they precious?!?!
Of course, drinking "Pepper", aka Diet Dr. Pepper! Their Granna and Aunt May have a hard time telling them NO!!

Five Generations

Way back in June when we went to Houston to visit with my great-grandmother and grandparents, I really intended on getting some new 5 generation pictures. Unfortunately though, I never did.

I thought that since I didn't get a new one, I would post a couple of old ones from when the kids were just little babies!

This one is from a family reunion when Parker was only 4 months old.
This one was when they came to meet Peyton for the first time. I think she was around 5 weeks.

Peyton LOVES Tomato

Here's a few pictures of Bitty eating some tomatoes. They are her favorite!!! In these pictures though, I think more got on her face than in her mouth!

Can you see all the seeds?
She cracks me up!
Not quite sure what this face is, but I thought it was funny!

WAY Overdue!!

I don't even know where to begin since it has been over a MONTH since my last post.

I have some posts that have been sitting here with pictures, but I haven't written anything for them. I guess I will start there.

I am hoping to get caught up this week on all the posts I have neglected!

There's quite a bit to blog about, because we all know how much fun stuff happens in the life of two toddlers!

I apologize to my very few readers for neglecting my blog. I just haven't been in the mood to keep up with it lately. Sometimes it is hard to spend so much time on something that only a hand full a people read. I promise I will try to get back into it though!

So, this is for you: Aunt May, Granna, Sunny, Susie, Katherine, and Brenda! Love y'all and thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Stark's 4th of July Bash

Yesterday we attended the Stark's annual 4th of July Bash!! They have opened up their home and pool to all of our friends for the last 6 years or so. We always have a blast!! Thanks Chris and Ashley for another great pool party! We love y'all!!

The majority of our D'ville friends were able to attend. We missed the ones that weren't able to come! I know I've told y'all before, but just in case you've forgotten, these are all the people that we have been friends with since high school or before. We've known all of them at least 15 years, but known others 20-25 years! I love that we are all still friends and are all so close!!

Chris cooked up some delicious burgers and dogs, and Ashley had a huge spread of all kinds of goodies. So, not only did they let us all come over, destroy their home, and swim in their pool, but they fed us too!

So far it has been a great Independence Day weekend! We are headed to Adam's dad's house today for more BBQ and fireworks. I'll post tomorrow with all the pictures and happenings from today. I hope you are all having a Happy 4th of July!! Love you all!

This picture cracks me up! I have no idea what they are both looking at, but I don't think they like it. Look at Bitty's face! Chris & Ashley's twin girls - Alli & Emily. Aren't they beautiful?!?! I was so excited to meet them for the first time yesterday!
Chloe looked so cute in her swim suit!
Jonah was wanting out of the gate to go get in the water!
Guess who else I got to meet yesterday?!?! Isabelle!! I can't believe I got to meet 3 of the 4 new babies all on the same day. Isn't Izzy gorgeous?!?! Now I just need to meet baby Liam!
Chloe chillin' out!
Peyton was all ready to go in the baby pool
I love this picture of my silly girl!
Jonah was enjoying some of Landon's toys
Annie & Carter - I just want to eat his sweet cheeks!
Claire Bear was unhappy for some reason
Landon - isn't he just the cutest little boy?!?! Andrea and I were saying yesterday that he needs to be a Baby Gap model!
The kids were having to hang out on the edge of the pool, while the guys played volleyball.
Parker was tormenting Trevor with the water gun!
Jonah decided to do some cleaning while he waited.
Here's another attempt at getting Peyton in the big pool. She still wasn't having it!

Wylie Fireworks

Thursday night we attended the Wylie Fireworks. They shot them off from one of our favorite parks, which is behind Wylie High School.

One of the high school fields was open to the public, which was HUGE, and everyone brought their blankets and chairs. Luckily I remembered the bug spray, because the mosquitoes were out in full force!

The Wylie fire department and police department were also there. Parker was able to get in the driver's seat of a fire truck and shake hands with some of the officers. He was very proud!!

There was also a DJ, bounce houses, and vendors set up selling lots of yummy junk food! We had already had dinner, but I had to get some nachos and popcorn. Ballpark nachos with LOTS of greasy cheese and jalapenos are one of my all time favorites!!

Nona came along too and we all had a great time!! Parker absolutely loved the fireworks. Peyton was a little scared when they first started and kept telling us that she wanted to go home. Luckily though, she warmed up to them pretty quickly, and ended up loving them too.

For living in such a small city, I wasn't expecting the fireworks to be all that grand, but I was very wrong. The show was awesome and the finale was one of the best I have ever seen; it was so spectacular that Adam thought it might have been an accident!!

Here's Parker "driving" the fire truck
Getting some free loot from the police department
This picture is AMAZING!!! Let me tell you why. This is the FIRST family picture we have taken since both kids have been born, where we are ALL looking at the camera and smiling!! Thanks to Nona for being able to capture this picture. I LOVE it!!
Nona and Peyton
Nona with both of her babies!
Adam & Parker
Me & Bitty
Sweet Peanut!
Not quite sure about the noise!
"WOWOWOWOW!!!!" Can you tell he loved them?!?!
So precious!
Bless her heart, she was SO exhausted!
Adam was trying to act scared

I didn't have a lot of luck getting pictures of the fireworks. These are the best 3 that I took, out of probably 25.

Time to head home!! Parker took a ride on Daddy's shoulders.
Peyton rode on Nona's shoulders. She has to do everything her brother does!!