Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scott & Andrea's Couples Shower

Last night, Adam and I attended a couple's shower for Scott and Andrea. It was in Ft. Worth, at her brother's house, hosted by her bridesmaids. The shower was a great success! There were a lot of people in attendance and there was a LOT of delicious food!! I ate so much that I felt sick the entire way home!

Scott and Andrea received SO many wonderful gifts! Although it was a couple's shower, where there can also be gifts for the groom, almost all of the gifts were for their home and kitchen. Scott did receive some tools, a shop vac, and an air compressor though, so I think he was pretty happy.

Scott had also registered for some Dallas Cowboy's stuff at Target. Since he and Brian always get season tickets to the Cowboy games, Brian and Alli bought him all of the Cowboy's gear as his gift. I think he was pretty excited!

All of our guys are just as crazy as Adam, so you can imagine how it is when we all get together. They have a blast and there are always tons of inside jokes that only they can comprehend! Half the time I don't even know what they're laughing about, but when they're all laughing hysterically, it is so contagious, that I end up laughing right along with them! For all I know, they could be making fun of me, but it wouldn't make it any less hilarious!!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun with our friends and it was great to see Scott and Andrea get so many nice things to start their new home with.

Can you tell that Scott wasn't that excited about opening gifts? He liked it better though when he received some stuff for himself!
The happy couple!!
Czarina and Craig
Me and Alli...she is barely pregnant with her third baby...I am SO excited!!
Craig, Pete, Adam, Scott, Steve...all friends for over 15 years...some since grade school!
Me and Mel
Me and the preggos...Czarina and Silvana...aren't they glowing?!?!
The group!

Haircut? NO, Hair Torture!

Aunt May and I took Bitty to get a much needed haircut on Friday night. Before we left the house, I had pumped her up about it, and she was very excited! She kept telling us, as we were getting ready to leave, "haircut, haircut!"

Well, once we got to Wal-Mart, there was a 30 minute wait. So, we put our name on the list and went to get the things we needed in the store. When we got back to the salon, the idea of getting a haircut no longer sounded like a good idea to Peyton. She was MAD!!

I had to be the bad mom and take her out of Aunt May's arms while she was crying and throwing a fit. When I sat her in the chair, she was still pretty upset, but luckily she calmed down pretty quickly. Even when her haircut was complete though, she was still mad at me!! She refused to look at me so I could take a picture!

We kept telling her how pretty she looked, to try to get her in a better mood, but it didn't work. She would shoot me sideways glances and then turn her head again. It was quite comical!! She is definitely going to be my little drama queen!

Bless her heart! She was NOT happy! Calm now, but in strong concentration.
"What are you doing with those?!?!"
See what I mean? She would NOT make eye contact with me!

Overall it was an OK experience. I think her hair could have been cut a little shorter in the back to take off more of the stringy hair, but it still looks a LOT better than it did!
She's just going to have hair like mine...very thin, but a lot of it. She still has a TON of hair growing in. There are layers and layers still growing in where her bangs are and underneath. Hopefully within another year or so it will start looking less stringy!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


This is what happens when your 2 year old can dress herself!! Hilarious!!

Oh, and she pooped on the potty today too!

Such a big girl!

Who said socks with sandals wasn't cool?!?! Did you notice her sandals are on the wrong feet?
So stylish!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Andrea's Bachelorette Party

Our friend Scott, that we have known since grade school, has found an amazing girl to spend the rest of his life with!! They are getting married on May 30th, and their bachelor/bachelorette parties were this weekend.

The guys all went to Austin for the weekend, but the girls just did a one-nighter in Dallas on Saturday night. We had such a good time!

I am so happy for Scott and Andrea and I am so excited she is going to be a part of our big "family" of friends!

Andrea in her veil...looking gorgeous as usual! Heather, her sister, and Andrea
Silvana, Me, Czarina, and Mel
Cristal, Andrea, Annie, Silvana, Me, Czarina, and Mel...all the "D'ville" girls with the bride!
Opening one of her lingerie gifts
Of course, we had to take some self-portraits!
We're pretty cute, huh?!!?

Uncle Chuck

My Uncle Chuck came over on Friday to see the kids for a bit before he went fishing. The kids call him "Uncle Duck", and Parker has always loved him! It took a while for Peyton to warm up to him, but the last couple of times she has seen him, she has been ALL about her Uncle Duck!!

She walks up to him and has LONG conversations with him in her own cute!! Here's a couple of pictures of the kids with their Uncle Duck.

They're both saying "Cheese" in this picture, that's why his mouth looks funny! LOVE this picture!

WAY too big!!

Mom and Dad still have the kids' swing in one of their guest rooms, but it is broken down and stuck in a corner. Peyton decided she was going to climb in it on Friday morning. I thought the picture was TOO cute to not post!

Peyton's Panties - well, kind of!

On Friday morning, Peyton was "helping" Mom with the laundry, and decided her way of helping was to put on Granna's panties! Mom hollered at me to grab the camera and come in the laundry room. Peyton was SO proud of herself! She kept those panties on until her nap that afternoon. Every time we would change her diaper, she would make us put them back on her. It was hilarious!!

How funny is this?!!? Her bo-bo!
Sitting in Granna's lap
Do you think she was proud?!?!

Later on that morning, she wanted to put on her brother's shoes too! This picture is really bad quality because I took it with my phone. This little girl always keeps us laughing!!

Sleepy Girl

When we went to Hachie this week, Bitty decided she wanted to sleep in Granna and Grumps' bed, instead of her crib. Parker has slept with them since he was teeny tiny, but Peyton has never been one to want to sleep anywhere other than her crib, until recently.

The only person that was ready to go to bed other than Peyton was Grumps, so he went to bed with her. Of course, she had to take her milk and blanket, but she also wanted to take one of her books.

Dad said that she talked for awhile and it took her a bit to calm down. He said that once she calmed down, she grabbed her book to "read", and was out within 30 seconds of opening it.

I went in there to check on her a little later, and this is what I saw. So precious!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I just made 10 new posts!! I hope you all enjoy them! You can click on the titles below and it will take you directly to the post you want to see. That way you can look at them all in order!

A Visit with the Easter Bunny

Decorating Eggs

Silvana's Shower

Happy Easter!!

Little Artists

Easter Baskets

Hunting Eggs

Adam's Pictures




Apparently Easter weekend was tiring for everyone! There were several pictures taken of me and my family passed out!

Nona and Peyton crashed while Parker, Adam, and I decorated eggs
Peyton fell asleep in Aunt May's arms on Easter Sunday
Sweet baby girl!!
I even crashed on Easter Sunday!! I fell asleep on the kid's giant lamb, and of course, Adam had to take a picture!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! If you ended up as pooped as I did, I hope you are now fully recovered.
He is risen!! I thank the Lord everyday for my wonderful family and friends!! I love you all!!


I got my payback!! I wrestled him, while he continued to take pictures, until I got the camera away. I took about 25 random, close-up pictures of him!

Who can still take pictures while they're wrestling?!!?
I was determined to get the camera!!
One of my Adam shots!
Here's another!

He is going to hate the fact that I posted these pictures! That's what he gets though!! I LOVE YOU BABY!

Adam's Pictures

Before I gave the kids their baskets, I gave Adam the camera to take pictures. BIG MISTAKE!! I'd say that 90% of the pictures were either random shots, or close-ups of my face! I have learned my lesson to never give him the camera again!

Here are some of the pics he took!

Blurry shot of Aunt May
The TV?!?!
I was giving him "the look"
I was over it!
Parker's bottom

Why do I ever leave things up to him?!?! I know how crazy he is, yet I continue to put faith in him that he will be normal for at least 15 minutes. I don't think it's ever going to happen!!

Hunting Eggs

It was supposed to be a pretty nasty day, so we weren't sure if we were going to be able to hunt eggs outside. Luckily though, it ended up being a pretty nice afternoon. It was a little chilly, so the kids had to put their jackets on, but the sun was out and the wind had died down.

Adam and Aunt Kate hid the dyed eggs first, then we had a second hunt with all the plastic eggs. The kids had so much fun searching for their eggs!

After they found all of their eggs, Parker wanted to use his sidewalk chalk to do hopscotch. It was hilarious watching Aunt May and Nona trying to do hopscotch! I wish I would have gotten some pictures! Granna and Adam drew with the chalk too. I got some pictures of their drawings.

On the hunt!
Found one! to get there before my sister does!
Aunt Kate helping Bitty!
Parker doing hopscotch!
Granna's drawing
Adam's self portrait