Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TLO loves Michael!

Before the guys loaded up all their gear to take to the City Tavern on Saturday night, they had a quick practice. They have a practice room in Garland, where they go at least once a week to practice old songs and work on new songs. Since I was riding with Adam, I also attended their practice session.

As you all know, Michael Jackson passed away last week. Well, being that he is one of the biggest musical icons of our generation, The Lash Outs wanted to pay tribute to him during their show Saturday night.

They all wore buttons with Michael's picture, there was a Michael Jackson record cover on stage in front of Dustin's drums, and Joey wore a Michael style hat. Adam even wore a tiger shirt during practice, but decided not to wear it during the show.

Most of the pictures I took were at the practice room, but I also took a couple at the actual show.

Joey in his hat
The album cover
One of the buttons
Adam in the tiger shirt
Here's one of the two that I took at the show. Annie was posing for me! That's Derek, Andrea's husband, and Ramos in the background.
Joey again!

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