Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun with the Crabtree's!

These are also from the end of June. They were taken during one of our weekly visits with the Crabtree's!

Claire could NOT keep from getting a wedgie! Andrea and I were cracking up at her little booty!
Carter Man
Attempting to play golf
I love this picture of Claire!
Playing golf
She is such a boy! She is using the golf club as a gun, and was shooting the "bad guys"!
Precious Carter
Not quite sure
So adorbale!!
You think it was sunny outside?
Peyton was feeding Carter his puffs. She is such a little Mama!
Eating lunch
Carter loved his first peach!!
He also loved the banana!
He was cracking us up when he was trying to eat. It was a slippery little sucker and he had a hard time holding on to it sometimes.
Parker decided that digging in the mud was better than swimming!
The whole is still there!

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