Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School

Parker was so excited this morning about going to school! He talked about it nonstop until we got there. He decided he wanted to wear his new jersey and his running shoes to school so he could be like Daddy. He was so precious this morning!

We pulled in the parking lot at the church and he started saying, "my school, WOW!" A little boy walked by us and Nona told Parker that maybe the little boy would be in his class. He responded with, "in my class? COOL!"

When we got out of the car, he of course wanted to put on his new backpack. It weighed as much as he did! Adam was holding his hand and when Parker pulled away he immediately fell over. I wish I would have had the camera ready.

I walked into the classroom first so I could get a picture of him walking in. After we went over where to put his lunch and backpack, he immediately found his seat and sat down. The teachers had coloring pictures ready for them to color. He colored a bit and then decided it was time to go play with the play kitchen. I went up to him and told him that it was color time. One of his teachers, Ms. Angie, approached him as well and told him that they would have plenty of time to play later, but right now it was color time. I was so nervous he was going to throw a fit because he didn't want to color. Oh no, he did exactly what the teacher told him and sat down and started coloring! I was shocked!

As we got ready to leave, we didn't really know if we should say bye or not, in fear of his reaction. I quietly approached him and told him bye and I love you. He looked up at me, said I love you back, and went back to coloring. As he saw us walking out, he briefly had a look of fear in his eyes, but it quickly vanished. I was very proud of him! He really is growing up!!

My handsome boys!
My precious babies!

This is the best I could get!

Mama and Daddy with the Big Boy!

Me and Peanut

Me and Bitty
Nona with her babies!
I love this picture!
How sweet is this?!?!
My little man!
His name on the wall outside of his classroom.
Daddy walking Parker in the room.
Coloring at his table!
My handsome grown up!

Hope you all have a great day! Love you all!


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Oh my gosh, how CUTE!!! What great pictures! You are so proud of him. I would be too.

Cassidy said...

Should I be surprised that your hair is in a ponytail??!! JK!! LOVE YOU!!!! I hope his first day went great!!

Michelle said...

How cute! How was he after school?

Andrea said...

I love, love, love the last picture of my little peanut. He looks so excited to be at school. I can't believe what a big boy he is!