Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Berry!

Saturday afternoon we attended my Goddaughter, Claire's, 2nd birthday party. It was at Gymboree and the kids had a blast!! Peyton was a little iffy at first, but she eventually warmed up. Parker went 90 to nothing the entire time!!

Running on one of the platforms Precious Landon...he had a blast too!!
Me and my two girls!
The birthday girl!
Mel and Jonah
Peyton having fun!
Derek and Claire
My precious family!
Jonah jammin' out!
Chloe lookin' cute!
Alli and Chloe
Me and Andrea
Claire and Parker playing on the "surf board"
Jonah showing me his scarf
The new walkers showing off their skills!
Me and Alli
Alli, Chloe, Jonah, and Melody
Claire blowing out her birthday candle!

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Ashley said...

Those are super cute! Landon and I had a great time!