Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mall Time

The kids and I met Claire, Andrea, Erin, and Kendall at Willowbend for some mall time on Friday. We were just supposed to meet to have lunch and let the kids play; I wasn't going to do any shopping. Funny how things change so quickly!!

Andrea wanted to go to Strasburg to get Claire and Carter's Christmas outfits. I don't normally even go in this store, much less actually buy anything; they are WAY out of my price range! Well, it just so happens that I went in on the right day! They were having a HUGE sale!

I was just browsing through the clearance rack when the sales lady told us that there was an additional 50% off on all the clearance items. Cha Ching!! There was an absolutely beautiful dress that just screamed, "Peyton!" It was originally $142, marked down to $61, which means I got it for $30! Can you believe it?!?! It is going to be her Easter dress for next year.

Also, this is a little off subject, but since I am talking about awesome prices, I thought I would throw out another little bit of information; Wal-Mart has their milk on for $2.48! If any of you go through milk as fast as we do, you need to stock up!!!

Here's me and Andrea at the playground
Bitty and her Aunt Annie
The $30 dress...isn't it pretty?!?! I wish y'all could see all the detailing on it!


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

That dress is so purty! I clicked on it to see the detail - GREAT PRICE! It's funny to me that you will know what size Peyton will be at Easter next year. I wish I could guess what size Lorelai will be next MONTH!

Also, unfortunately, our Wal-Mart didn't lower their price on milk. Umph. Oh well, since you mentioned it, I keep looking!

Kippy said...

LOVE the dress! Nice job!