Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The majority of my husband's family lives in the New Orleans area. On Sunday afternoon, 10 of them arrived in Texas to escape Hurricane Gustav. Another group of 10 or so stayed behind because they thought they were in a safe area.

Although the hurricane decreased in intensity by the time it hit land this morning, Gustav was still a very strong storm! We don't know the condition of any of the homes that belong to the family that came to Texas. Please pray for minimal damage to their homes and all their belongings! They were able to bring a bunch of stuff with them, but there was still A LOT left behind!

This morning I was able to speak to the group that stayed in Louisiana. They all stayed together in Aunt Sylvia's house, in Abita Springs. Around 10:00 this morning they lost power. Shortly after losing power, a giant pine tree fell on the power lines that attach to their house and pulled them down. The tree also fell on three of their cars, causing quite a bit of damage. As far as we know, although they are without power, they are doing fine! They have a generator and plenty of food and water.

Now the family is just waiting to see what the other two storms are going to do that are trailing behind Hanna. Please pray that the worst is over for the New Orleans area and that Adam's family can return home safely! Hopefully, if the other storms don't look like they are going to hit New Orleans, they will be able to head home on Wednesday. They are very anxious to get back and see what they have to return to.

Please also pray for all the other people affected by Gustav. Pray that they make it home safely and have livable homes to return to.

Thanks and love you all!

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