Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Nona!!

Saturday was my MIL's birthday. Happy Birthday Robbin!! We spent the day with her at her house. She has several parks in her neighborhood, so we decided to take the kids to one, and to the pond to feed the ducks. The kids had a blast, and I think Nona did too!!

Her neighbor has a Harley and took her for a ride around the block. It was only her 2nd time to ride a motorcycle and she loved it!!
We saw this hanging on someones house on our way to the park. Robbin had to get a picture with the flag to show our Louisiana family. It says "LSU". I know it's backwards, but it's the only way we could get the pic!
Peyton was a little nervous crossing the bridge, so Adam had to help her across.
She went down the slide once by herself and didn't like it. When Adam went down with her, she loved it!
I love them!!
Peyton sliding with Daddy!
Parker had an absolute blast climbing through everything!
Can't you tell?!?!
Peyton even climbed through the tunnel.
So did Nona!!
They were worn out after their long day!
This is Parker's Car's bed/couch at Nona's house. He loves sleeping in it!
Look at that precious face!!
And this one too!!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Love you all!


Kippy said...

So sweet. Isn't that the best feeling when they're both asleep and look absolutely precious and snuggly. And then you think..."Holy cow! I have TWO kids!"

Rick said...

Happy Bithday Harley Momma! Sweet ride the neighbor has there.

Shauna said...

I just love it when the kids crash like that!