Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun at the Park

Yesterday we went to the park since it was such a beautiful day. The kids had such a great time playing outside! I wish it was Spring already, so we could go to the park more often.

Andrea taking Peyton down the slide. After a few times, she figured it all out, and was going down by herself. She thought she was such a big girl. She would clap every time she climbed up and made it to the top.

Parker getting ready to go down one of the bigger slides. He is obsessed with his sunglasses lately.

Carter enjoyed being outside too!
All the big kids in the sand box. I was shocked by the fact that they didn't even get that dirty!
Margot played in the sand too. Can you see all the sand on her nose?
Bitty Princess. She's the only one that would look at me for a close-up.
Andrea swinging the girls. I had to wait to let Peyton swing until it was almost time to leave, because she throws a MAJOR fit when you take her out. She could swing for hours!
Carter loved being in the carrier. He chewed on it the entire time. It was sopping wet when she took him out of it.
Precious Peanut hanging out on one of the structures. He had SO much fun!


Melody said...

Cute pics! Jonah wants to come play next Wed too! :)

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Granna said...