Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parker says...

I wish I kept a paper and pen with me at all times to write down all the hilarious things that Parker says on a daily basis. I have an awful memory, so unless Adam hears it, I normally can't remember everything that he says. Yesterday he had a couple of conversations with us that I thought were too cute not to share.

This one occurred while Adam was giving Parker and Peyton a bath:

Parker: Dad, I wish I was broken
Adam: You wish you were broken?
Parker: Yeah, so you could put me back together like a robot
Adam: But I don't think I could put you back together
Parker: I miss you Dad
Adam: I miss you too Peanut
Parker: Dad, will you stay?
Adam: Will I stay?
Parker: Yeah
Adam: Sure

That was one, continuous conversation. How random is that?!!? I was cracking up when Adam was telling me about it. We don't know what he was talking about when he asked if Adam would stay. It either has to be because Adam was gone for 4 days on a mini-tour with his band, or he was talking about Adam going to work. Bless his heart - he loves his Daddy so much!


This next conversation occurred as we were getting ready to put Parker to bed. He has had a thing lately about having the TV on in the living room when he goes to bed, just so he can hear some noise.

Parker: Dad, can I go to bed with the TV on?
Parker: (while counting on his fingers) I have to go to bed; I have to have the TV on while I go to bed
He repeats this list on his fingers a couple of times
Me: I have a better list. Just one. Go to bed.
Parker: No, there's two list-es. (counts on fingers again) 1. I have to go to bed and 2. list-es I have to turn the TV on and go to bed. That's why!

Oh, so that's why? He ends every sentence now, that he feels very strongly about, with "that's why." This went on for a while longer, but that was the cutest part of the conversation.

I have no idea if y'all will even think those are funny since you weren't actually there to hear it. I can assure you though that if you would have been here, you would have been trying to hide your laughter! For those of you that know Parker, you can probably imagine him saying those things with his serious face, so it might be funnier to you.

I have a few posts coming up from this past weekend. Of course I have lots of pics too!

I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!


Aunt May said...

I love my nephew. He's so sweet and intelligent. His Aunt May

Michelle said...

That is so sweet!