Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Dolly

The kids and I went out shopping with Robbin for most of the day on Thursday. She had to do some stuff for work, so we tagged along too. Since Valentine's Day was approaching, Nona used it as an excuse to buy the kids a new toy! Not that she really needs an excuse since she is their grandmother, but I am always telling her not to buy stuff for them because they already have TOO much!

While we were in Target, she took them up all the toy aisles and let them each pick out a toy. Parker picked a Transformer and Peyton chose ANOTHER baby doll. This one is different though, because it laughs! It's a little freaky when it laughs...I'll be posting a video later to show y'all.

Target was our last stop of the day, so Nona let them open their new toys and play with them on the drive home. Parker was SO excited! I wish y'all could have seen me and Robbin trying to figure out the Transformer. It is one of the big ones, so it takes about 20 moves to turn into a person, instead of an airplane. We were absolutely clueless!!

Peyton just fell in love with her new baby and propped her up in her car seat to ride home comfortably. It was so cute that I had to take a picture! Here it is.

She is such a good little Mama!!

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