Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Card Video

Here is the video of my Valentine's card. I have told you all before how crazy my hubby is, and this card is absolute proof!! He was so excited for me to open the card and told me before I opened it, that it was the best card he had ever gotten me. He cracks me up!!

After I opened it and laughed my butt off, I told him that he had to be the least romantic person on the planet. He asked me if I would have wanted a mushy card from him and I honestly don't know that I would have. It would be nice to get a mushy card every now and then, but since I can appreciate his odd sense of humor, I can accept the odd cards as well!

Oh, I also have to tell you about him buying the card...this is hysterical!

Adam said when he was in the store looking for cards, there were some teenage girls down the aisle from him, and he heard this song being played. He looked around and realized it was the card that the girls were looking at. He thought to himself, "I have GOT to have that card", just as he heard one of the girls say, "Who would buy someone this card for Valentine's Day?"

So, he waited until he thought the girls were no longer around, and went and grabbed the card. Well, they were still there. As he picked it up, he heard the girls giggling. One of them said, and purposely loud enough for Adam to hear, "Oh my goodness. He's buying the 'Who let the dogs out card'!!!"



Anonymous said...

Best card ever.

Granna said...

Only my son-in-law!! Gotta love him.

Ashley said...

just another bit of common with our husbands. luv it!