Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Party

This afternoon, we headed back up to the school for Parker's Fall Party! The kids had a great time and were SO concerned about when they would get to eat their cake. All the mom's pitched in and the party was a total success!!

I tried to get a picture of the whole classroom. Parker is in the far back on the left.Peyton got all cutsied up to go to the party! She was so excited to see her brother at school!
Here's Parker's table.
Peyton would not leave her brother's side!
Can you tell they were having fun?!?! Look at that precious smile!
Peyton especially loved the cupcakes I made! She was covered in chocolate!
Parker LOVED the sweets too!


Huse Yo Mama said...

hee hee - Peyton's lips look like she got into some dark brown lipstick and applied it pretty well!

Melody said...

It looks like they had so much fun!

Michelle said...

How fun! You attended Parker's first school party as a mom! Super sweet!

Andrea said...

Peyton is such a sassy little sister. Looks like they had a blast!