Wednesday, October 8, 2008

State Fair of Texas

Yesterday, Mom, Dad, the kids, and I went to the State Fair of Texas! We have gone to the State Fair for as long as I can remember. It is always the same stuff every year, but we LOVE it!

This year we ate corny dogs, fried chicken, nachos, cinnamon rolls, funnel cake, cotton candy, ice cream, and Mom had a candied apple. I know that seems like A LOT, but we usually eat more than that! I was on sugar overload when we got home and felt awful!! Luckily the kids didn't eat very much of the sweet stuff, so they were feeling fine.

I have been terrible about taking pictures lately, and yesterday was no excpetion. I took a total of 4 pictures yesterday, and I am going to post 3 of them.

Here's the kids in the wagon. They were watching a fun house at the Midway.
I got a "cheese" face from Peyton!
Parker was too busy looking at the Fun House!


The Forrest Family said...

OMG, the cheese face from Peyton looks just like Adam's mom!! How cute! :-) Hope you guys are doing ok. We need to get together soon!

Andrea said...

I really need a corny dog right now! Mmmmmm!

Melody said...

They are so cute riding together in their wagon!