Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pedal Boats

Once we knew Parker's arm was fine, we decided to take a ride on the pedal boats. I always thought they were called paddle boats, but I guess I was wrong!

I don't know why he looks so sad here, because he was so excited to ride!
Peyton was fine with the life jacket, but refused to get on the boat!
Mom and Aunt May rode together and declared that after pedaling for so long, they were going to have ballerina legs!
Parker rode with his Grumps
He's waving to me!
Here's everyone. Adam had to ride by himself, because I was onshore with Peyton.
After everyone was back ashore, Adam and I went for a ride! I forgot how much fun they were. I hadn't been on one since I was a little kid!

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Andrea said...

I for sure thought they were paddle boats too! Looks like you and Adam were having a BLAST ;-)