Wednesday, October 8, 2008


On our way back to the cars from the dam, Adam and Dad were swinging Parker from his arms. This is something Parker loves to do, and Adam and I do it with him all the time! Well, this time, we had a scare!

Parker started crying hysterically, saying that his arm hurt! I just knew that it has been pulled out of socket! When Parker was about 6 months old, I had to rush him to the ER, because as I was trying to pick him up out of bed, he pulled away from me, and it pulled his arm out of socket. The doctor told me it was very common, but since it had happened once, it was very likely to happen again.

So anyway, when he started freaking out, I immediately assumed that is what happened. We put him in his car seat, fully prepared to take him to the ER, which was 30 minutes away! In a few minutes, he was fine, and was putting his arms up over his head. At this point we knew that his arm was ok, because if it would have been out of socket, he wouldn't have been able to move it!

Thank goodness he was ok, but I don't think we'll be swinging him from his arms again for a LONG time!

Preparing for the swingSwinging!

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Andrea said...

Um ok, how come I never heard that story. That scares the crap out of me cause Derek and I swing Claire all the time.