Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Visiting Carter

Today while Parker was at school, Peyton and I went to the hospital to see the Crabtree family. I had a big sister present for Claire, and I wanted Peyton to be able to give it to her.

The girls were very happy to see each other. They even shared lunch together - Claire was trying to feed Peyton. It was pretty funny! The girls are only 3 1/2 months apart, but since Peyton is so much smaller, Claire still thinks she is a baby. She kept trying to shove food in her mouth, while saying, "here little baby!"

Claire loved her present. I found a precious necklace and bracelet set at Target made out of colorful, wooden beads. I got a gift bag that looked like a little purse, so Claire was in heaven! She immediately wanted to put on her new jewelry and put her "purse" on her arm. It was too cute!

Carter is even cuter today than he was yesterday! He is still doing great and seems to be a very happy little boy! Andrea was up and moving today. She is in a bit of pain from the staples and stitches, but is actually moving quite well. Her biggest problem right now is the nausea from all the medicine they have her on. Bless her heart - that is the WORST feeling!

Please keep the Crabtree family in your prayers. They will be going home on Friday, which I am sure they are really looking forward to!

Here's Peyton in the glider at the hospital - she thought she was SO big!
I know this one is a bit blurry, but it is the closest thing I could get to a smile!
I finally got a picture with my new "nephew"!
I couldn't help but to give him a million kisses!
Peyton got to have a lollipop in the hospital room - it kept her occupied until Claire got there!
Here's Claire opening her present. Peyton was so curious!
Look at that precious face!! Do you think she liked it?!!?
All ready to go - she has her jewelry on and her purse on her arm!
Isn't this sweet?!?! She actually asked if she could hold him.
Peyton was so curious about Carter. She would come really close to him and smile and look, but didn't want to touch him or kiss him. She just kept looking at him, then looking at me, and smiling, saying "baby!"

Also, today was a big day for Parker at school. The firemen came to visit! Parker was so excited when he got in the car after school! He wanted to tell me all about the firemen and the fire truck. I am so happy that he is enjoying school. My biggest fear when he started was that he would hate it and never want to go. It is the exact opposite! Every morning on non-school mornings, he is asking if he can go to school. He doesn't quite understand why he only gets to go two days a week. Hopefully next year we can afford to have him in a 4 day program! I know he would LOVE it!

I hope everyone is doing well! Love you all!

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