Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Twinkies at the Park

That morning, after taking Parker to school, Andrea and Claire came over. We had already decided they were going to wear their matching shirts. Since the weather was so beautiful, we decided to take them to the park.

The girls had a blast until we had to take them out of the swings, so that two other little girls could have a turn. Peyton threw a massive fit! I swear she cried for 15-20 minutes and stood there pointing at the swing. It was awful!

Here's Peyton when we first got to the park
The twinkies swinging...aren't they cute?!?!
She LOVES the swing...I think she's a little obsessed with it!
Claire does too, but she's not obsessed with it like Peyton is!
Claire enjoying the slide.
This is what Peyton looked like after I took her out of the swing. She looked like this until we left the park, 15-20 minutes later! Do you think she has a little attitude?!?!
Claire was hugging Peyton because she was crying. It was so sweet!!

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Andrea said...

Hopefully Claire trying to comfort Peyton is a good indication that she will be a loving big sis. They look so cute. I can't believe how quickly our little girls are growing up!