Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

Although Adam and I didn't dress up, the kids did! Peyton dressed up as a lady bug and Parker dressed up as Batman! They were absolutely adorable!

Granna and Aunt May came to Wylie to go trick-or-treating with us. We went around the neighborhood and the kids had a blast! They got more candy than I would allow them to eat in a whole year, but I am sure between Adam and I, that it won't go to waste!!

Parker did an excellent job at saying "trick-or-treat" and "thank you!" All we could get out of Peyton was "pop", for lollipop, and a few "thank yous!" If we would have let her, I can promise you she would have eaten 10 lollipops!

We stayed out about two hours. Once Parker's bucket was so full he could hardly carry it, we decided it was time to head back home. He was so concerned about getting more candy; as if he didn't have enough already!!

I hope everyone had as great of an evening as we did!!

Here's our little lady bug!!!
Can you believe we have a SUPER HERO living in our house?!?!
They can not cooperate to take a picture together!
My precious little man!
Our Family
Peyton refused to be in another picture!
Granna, Aunt May, and Batman
Lady Bug giving her Daddy kisses...she is SUCH a Daddy's girl!
Is this not adorable?!?!
And how sweet is this?!?!
I think this picture is so makes me giggle!
Our little family again!
This house was SO cool! Peyton was a little freaked out by the witch!
This house was decorated pretty cute too!
Aunt May and Peanut strolling along.
This was BY FAR the BEST house of the night!!! They had two blow up houses before you got to the front door. The entire front lawn was decorated. When you walked through the two blow up houses, there were bubbles, strobe lights, spider webs, skulls, and all sorts of other festive things! It was the best decorated house I have ever seen for Halloween!
Peyton eating one of her "pops"!!
Parker decided he wanted one too!
This cracks me up!!! She did this with almost every piece of candy!


Andrea said...

The kids looked adorable! I especially love the pic of Peyton from the back and the one of Parker walking with Adam. Looks like they had a blast!

Melody said...

These are great! It looks like y'all had a wonderful Halloween! Jonah loved trick or treating too. I will post pics soon!

Ashley said...

Wow! That's one adorable ladybug and one cool Batman! Looks like yall had a blast trick-or-treating!

Michelle said...

I love that ladybug costume! Looks like a fun night!!!