Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crazy Night

This story is going to be really hard to explain in a post, but I am going to try anyway.

Saturday night, after dinner and bath time, I met Andrea in Plano for a night of shopping. I had lots of stuff to get for showers and parties, and just household items. We went to Party City, Babies R Us, Target, and Wal-Mart. Party City and Babies R Us are right next door to each other, so when we headed to Target, Andrea just got in the car with me and we left her car there.
When we returned to Andrea's car, around 11:30, we were just sitting there talking in my car and she was gathering up her things to leave. Out of nowhere, a car pulls up behind us with it's lights on and won't leave. I immediately lock the doors and we sit there for a second trying to figure out what the car is doing. The car turns it's lights out and puts on the hazards and just sits there! When we realize the car isn't leaving, we decided just to drive off. Well, the car started following us through the deserted parking lot.

Andrea and I were freaking out! We called 911 and they said they would have someone come ASAP. At this point, the car had gone and parked on the other side of the parking lot and turned off all it's lights, but nobody got out of the car. At this point, Andrea could have gotten in her car and left safely, but we were told to wait there for the officers. So, we're sitting in my car, next to Andrea's, when the car starts moving again. We decide to drive around again until the officer gets there, and the car starts following us AGAIN!

Finally, when the officer arrives, the car is parked again, and we tell the officer what has been going on. He goes over to the parked car and asks him for his information. After 10 minutes or so, the officer returns to tell us that it's the SECURITY GUARD! WTH?!!? We apologize to the officer for wasting his time, and he tells us that he's glad we called, because you never really know in these situations.

As the officer is getting ready to leave, the car zooms up to us, rolls down his window, and starts yanking on his shirt, showing us his security badge on his shirt. Then he flashes us a big grin to show off his pearly whites. Oh, no, wait a minute...he didn't have any pearly whites! He flashes us a big, gummy grin and then drives away. So creepy!!!

So, we still have no idea what his intentions were. I have a feeling he was intentionally trying to screw with us. Maybe he was bored! He handled it all wrong, if he was truly just trying to see what we were doing in the parking lot. He should have immediately shown us that he was a security guard and none of that other mess would have ever happened.

I don't think I have ever screamed and laughed so much in my entire life! It was one of those situations where if you don't laugh, you are going to cry. So, Andrea and I screamed our heads off and then laughed so hard we thought we were going to wet our pants. All the meanwhile, the "security" guard is chasing us around the parking lot, getting a big kick out of the crazy women!

What a night!!!

Here's a picture we snapped of ourselves before all the chaos! Please ignore the fact that neither one of us have on any make-up!


Hollie said...

What a weirdo! Seriously? I'm thinking he shouldn't be a security guard!

Granna said...

What a FREAK!! Ya'll really need to be careful, because there are a lot of weirdos out there.

Melody said...

That's CRAZY!!!

The Seymore's said...

Good Lord Heather. I'm not sure why it doesn't surprise me though! I'm glad that you both are safe.