Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Ramos

A couple of weekends ago, a few of our friends all got together to celebrate Ramos' 32nd birthday at The Tavern. It is our normal hangout with our friends whenever we are able to get out of the house. Another Duncanvilleite (don't really think that's a word, but you get my point) owns it and we love it there!

There weren't a lot of people that were able to come because of all the kiddos, but we still ended up having a great time!!

Happy Birthday Neal! We LOVE you!
Adam and Ramos

I told you my hubby and his friends were crazy!! See what I mean?!?! The guys - how come only 2 of them are looking at the camera?!?! Adam, Ramos, and Smith - bet you didn't know my husband was in a gang!! Me and Cristal - Ramos' girlfriend! Me and Andrea - Smith's Fiance!

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The Seymore's said...

You look really good in those pictures. Looks like yall had a great time! :)