Sunday, March 1, 2009

Parker's Project

Robbin came over for dinner on Friday night. We were having taco salads for dinner and she let Parker help her with the preparation. He got to tear the lettuce up into little pieces and then he got to take the seeds out of the avocados. Once he realized that what he was holding was a seed, he immediately wanted to plant it. I couldn't believe that he knew what to do with it.

Nona explained to him that it wasn't planting season and that in order to plant an avocado seed, you had to let it root first. Of course, he wanted it to root so it could be planted.

Adam rigged the avocado seed with toothpicks, so it could sit in a cup of water. Parker was very excited about the little project. He has checked on his seed several times since Friday night. It just cracks me up that he put this little plan of his into action!

The seed is already sprouting, so I guess I need to look up how to grow avocados. I know once Parker sees the roots, he is going to be determined to plant the sucker in the ground. I have NO clue how to garden, so this should be interesting.

I will keep y'all up to date on Parker's project!

Here's the seed hanging out in it's water

Can you see the little sprouts?
Maybe this means Parker will be a scientist and can support Adam and I when we're old!!


Aunt May said...

Maybe my nephew is going to be a farmer. Aunt May May

Granna said...

Maybe he can support his Granna and grumps, too. He's so smart, he could do whatever his heart desired.