Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

The kids have so much fun playing outside! I thought I'd share a few pics with y'all!

Before you look at the pics though, let me ask you to please ignore our horrible yard! The winter weeds have taken over, and we haven't had enough good weather yet to do any yard work. Also, don't even ask about the girl's hair. It was post-nap hair and it was CRAZY!!

Bitty giving me "cheese" face! Do you notice the phone and the "pretty" sitting next to her? She was walking around for a long time, talking on the phone and combing her hair. Cracks me up!
The kids got out the egg holders that I got on clearance last year after Easter. Parker and Claire were going through the yard, picking "flowers", and putting them in the egg holders.Peyton thought she'd mow the weeds!
Claire was explaining to me what they were doing with their "flowers"
Precious Peanut! They both wore their new flip-flops today and loved them!
She was running from me!
Now she's pretending to be a puppy! She was walking around on all fours, panting and barking. Hilarious!
Claire decided she wanted to be a puppy too! Parker was in front of them going, "Come on puppies! Wanna go for a walk?" Too cute!
I hope we continue to have nice weather! I am SO ready for Spring!

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Ashley said...

So so cute! I can't wait to come to yall's playdates soon! One more week till I'm officially a SAHM! That looks like one of the skirts I bought Peyton for her b-day!