Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Bed Linens

I have been wanting new bedding for a LONG time now, but we just couldn't find what we wanted. The couple of times that I did find something that I really liked, either Adam didn't like it, or we didn't have the money.

Adam promised me that once we got our tax return, I could finally get the bedding I have wanted for a LONG time! (Do you think I have wanted it for a while?)

Adam wanted very modern; I didn't. I wanted to have some green in it, so we could use the same artwork; he didn't. So, I compromised!

I went with my mom the day after we got our return and picked it all out and bought it! I didn't tell Adam, because I wanted to have it all set up on the bed, and surprise him when he came home. I ended up getting stuff from Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. None of it actually went together in the store. I picked pieces from different sets, and made it work.

I was worried about going with modern, because our furniture is nowhere near modern. I chose a modern comforter for Adam, but added girly pillows, green shams, and a green bedskirt. By adding those, it made it less modern, and we are able to keep up the same pictures.

The pictures are horrible quality because they were taken with my phone, but you'll get an idea of the colors. I hope you all like it! I do! I love the fact that I'm not embarrassed of my bedroom anymore!

Here's the bed from the front

Here's the bed from the side

Close-up pic of the middle pillow. It ties in all the colors. Has chocolate brown, tan, off-white, dark green, and is a shade lighter than the dark green shams.
Close-up of the off-white pillows
Close-up of the fabrics of the two shams.
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell y'all that Adam ended up loving it!


Melody said...

I love it! You are so good at decorating and putting things together!

shopannies said...

great taste

I was just stopping by to say thanks for stopping by and entering my blog. Good luck on the contest you entered and there are more to come as well as running now. I will be checking your blog out more often as I really like it