Saturday, March 28, 2009

St. Patty's Day with Nona

We spent St. Patrick's Day with Nona. We had to run some errands and after the kids were good and bored, I decided we could take them to the pet store for a bit. They both turned out like me and LOVE animals!

They were pretty sad about leaving the pet store, but got over it pretty quickly when we told them we were headed to the park. We ran by the dollar store for a loaf of bread to feed the ducks. After we fed the ducks an entire loaf, we headed to the playground. Peyton spent the ENTIRE time in the swing and Parker ran around like crazy to play on every toy! They had a blast! Well, until we told Peyton she had to get out of the swing. Talk about a meltdown!! Whew!

It was a great day for everyone!! I hope everyone wore their green so they didn't get pinched!

Here's Parker hanging out by the Hermit Crab case. He loved watching them walk around! This picture turned out pretty blurry, so I made it black and white. For some reason, it made it easier to see.
I think he could have watched them for hours!
Bitty thought they were pretty neat too, but she was more interested in the animals that she could touch. My camera ran out of batteries after these 3 pictures. I wasn't able to get pictures of all the animals we were able to hold and pet; hamsters, ferrets, bunnies, gerbils, birds, and a HUGE snake! It was a great experience for the kids. I loved seeing their faces when they got to pet something new!

I charged my camera in the car on the way to the park, so I was able to get several pictures before the battery died again.

Peyton swinging - imagine that!
My handsome Peanut!
This thing was hilarious!!! You sat in the seat and it started spinning uncontrollably. After we saw Parker ride it, Nona and I had to have a turn too!
This is a picture of when I first got on it. I am pretty calm at this point.
Then it started spinning SUPER fast and I couldn't get it to stop! I was yelling for Robbin to help me off, but all she did was laugh hysterically and take pictures! That face is a mixture of laughter and terror!
We tried to get some group pictures, but you all know how easy that can be with litle ones! Here's the best one of Nona with the kids.
Here's the best one of me with the kids

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