Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with Grandpa & Nanny

Sunday we had Christmas with Adam's Dad and Step-Mom, a.k.a. Grandpa and Nanny. Nanny made a delicious dinner of craw fish fettuccine and homemade bread, with bread pudding for dessert. We had a good time over at their house and the kids LOVED their gifts!

Adam tickling Peanut before the present opening began This was Parker's face when he first saw his new scooter!
So excited!!
Taking a ride on his new toy
So precious in his new helmet!
Bitty wanted to ride too
Peyton getting her new doll house
She loved it!
Sitting on the doll furniture!
Parker using his new binoculars
Showing off his cars
Peyton opening some of the furniture for her house
Parker and Aunt Kate with the GIANT coloring book
Opening his telescope
Taking a break from opening to "cully"
Using his new telescope
Peanut was so excited! He obsesses over Grandpa's every time we go over there!
I told Adam to look excited that he was opening gifts, and this is the face I got.
This is the real face of excitement!

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