Sunday, December 14, 2008

Waxahachie Christmas Parade

As I mentioned in a post from last week, we attended the Waxahachie Christmas parade. We met up with my best friend from highschool, Forbes, her son, Brody, her Mom, and step-sister to enjoy the festivities!

The parade was very short, but the kids got more loot than I knew what to do with. We were shoving it in every pocket, and still running out of room. The kids got tons of candy, stuffed animals, and even stockings crammed full of fun goodies!

Here's some pics from the parade. I wasn't able to get many because I was keeping control of Parker and holding handfuls of candy!

Aunt May and PeytonParker and Brody
Cutie pies!...even though they wouldn't look at the camera!
My handsome man!


Anonymous said...

these are the cutest babies in the world!!! do you think someone is a little proud? guess who?

Andrea said...

Wish we had been with you guys that Saturday. We would have had so much fun!