Sunday, December 14, 2008

Up her nose!!

I normally do all my posts in order of when things happened and when I took the pictures, but this post could NOT wait until I did the others!

On Thursday, Peyton gave me a mini-stroke on the way to Waxahachie! We were driving along, getting ready to take the exit to go see my Mom at work, when Peyton started screaming bloody murder! I look back at her and notice that she is pointing to her nose. I immediately assume that she has a booger up her nose, which she HATES, so it has ticked her off.

When we pull into the parking lot of Mom's work, she is still screaming, so I immediately go to the back seat with a tissue, thinking I'm going to rescue her from a big, green thing. Well, when I wiped her nose, there was nothing there!!

I looked down in her lap and notice her play cell phone. It is missing a LOT of the buttons! Mother's instinct told me immediately what had happened. I look up her nose, and sure enough, I can barely see a little bit of white WAY up there!

I placed an emergency phone call to my Mom to get out to the parking lot, and then I called Adam. I am PANICKED at this point! Adam is telling me to try to get it out, but I am terrified that all I am going to do is push it up there further. Well, Mom came outside and helped me hold her down. I got my tweezers, and thank God, I was able to get it out!

Peyton was instantly relieved, and so was I!! I don't really know why it scared me so badly, but it did! It took me a while to calm down from that one!

One thing is for sure though - Peyton will NEVER play with another toy from China that has tiny, removable pieces!! Never in a million years would I have thought that she would stick something up her nose. I guess she thought that since her fingers fit up there so nicely, that other things would too! I don't think she'll do it again though - at least I pray she won't!!

Here's a pic of the button that was up her nose. I put it next to a nickel, so you could compare the size. She has very tiny nostrils, so I'm still amazed that this fit up there! Here's the phone! Do you notice all the missing buttons?!!?
Oh, and the pictures are crappy - sorry! They were taken from my cell phone.


Anonymous said...

what a silly little girl!! it wasn't fun holding her down while you dug that button out though.

Andrea said...

Poor Bitty! I know that had to hurt. Good thing your mother's instinct kicked in and you were able to get that thing out.