Sunday, December 14, 2008

Little Mama

Peyton has been playing pretend for a long while now, but just recently, she's been doing a lot more with her baby. Baby has to go EVERYWHERE with us, and Bitty is her little mama!

She even tried potty training Baby at my parent's house a couple of weeks ago. She cracks us up!

Here she is taking Baby to potty!Giving her kisses
Now she's pretending to go - that is her grunt face!
So precious!
Now she has to put a new diaper on Baby - who looks to be suffocating!
I think it's a little big!
What Mom?!!?
That's A&D ointment in her hand - she had to put it on Baby's bobo!
Silly girl - she is so proud of herself!!


Anonymous said...

peyton is the silliest, sweetest little girl on earth!! i love her to pieces!!!! guess who?

Andrea said...

I love that she put baby in the potty. I can't believe she's already so interested. Now if we could just get Parker and both girls potty trained - think how much easier our Wednesdays would be!