Sunday, December 14, 2008

Robot and Ruby Reds

Last Saturday, Parker kept asking over and over where his robot was. We didn't have a clue where it was, because he didn't HAVE one!! Well, being the normal grandparents that they are, Granna and Grumps decided that he needed one.

After Parker went to bed on Saturday night, Mom, Aunt May, and I headed to Wal-Mart in search for a robot. Well, we found a character that looked somewhat like a robot, but not exactly. Mom went ahead and bought it just in case we weren't able to find another one.

Mom was tired, so we dropped her off at home, and Aunt May and I headed to Target. We found the PERFECT robot! We also found some play shoes for Bitty that looked like ruby, red slippers!

On Sunday, when Parker and Peyton returned home from church with Aunt May, we had the new toys waiting for them in the garage. You would have thought it was Christmas morning by Parker's reaction! His exact words were, "It's my BEST ROBOT!" Peyton was also very excited about her new shoes, although she wanted to play with the robot too! She's definitely still my "Brut in a dress!"
Here's Parker with his BEST ROBOT!Here's Miss Priss in her new shoes!


Ashley said...

Landon has that same robot from Target! He calls it, "his man".

Anonymous said...

the looks on their faces are too cute for words!!!! i love them so much!!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

That robot is perfect! No wonder he was so excited.