Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yesterday was not a fun day for me! I had some sort of stomach bug...yucky!! Last night though, I did try to do a post, but Blogger was acting up. It wouldn't allow me to upload pictures. It seems to be acting better this morning, so here's a new post!

On Friday, after Santa pics, we let the kids go play at the playground. They love it there! Y'all know I can't go anywhere without taking tons of pictures; here's a few of my favorites!

Bitty PrincessShe was laughing at me...I was trying to tickle her!
Claire's pout face...I'm not quite sure why she was upset.
Claire and Parker having fun!
No clue what they're looking at...but of course it wasn't the camera!
My girls! They were hilarious at one point, fighting over the center of the grapefruit!
Annie and Granna. Aren't they cute in their Christmas tees?
Carter had fun playing too!
He looks so serious!
He was doing flips over the salt and pepper packets.
Claire was crawling through them.
My two loves!!
I just loved his eyes in this pic!
Playing together without fighting...it's so rare!
SO stinkin' adorable!
Another pouty face! I swear she really did have fun!
They look so big!
Granna had several quarters, so they were able to ride some rides too!
The car would only seat 2, so Claire rode the choo-choo!
Peyton thinks this is SO cool!
Berry LOVED the train!
Parker was the driver of the fire truck!
Claire was the controller!
Bitty was just along for the ride!
They had a blast!

I have a few more posts to do. I will try to get them done today. No promises though!!


Melody said...

I'm sorry Jonah & I didn't make it. Hopefully his nap schedule will change soon and we can come to the next playdate!

Anonymous said...

my babies had such a good time that day!!! i'm sure glad that parker's nose was not broken after his head-on collision.