Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dress-Up, Sweetness, and Silly Faces

I probably could have made this post into 3 posts, but since all the pics and excitement took place on the same day, I figured I would just make 1 BIG post. Hope it's not so long that it loses your attention. I promise you that all the cute pictures make it worth reading the post 'til the end!!

We went to Nona's on Saturday and these are a few of the things that we did:


Nona got out a bunch of fun stuff to dress the kids up and they LOVED it!! She even got out the eyeliner to add a little pizazz to Parker's face. I think you will thoroughly enjoy these pics!

Here's Bitty in her first get-up. Don't you love the visor?!!?

She's trying to put some cards in her BEAUTIFUL handbag!

Here's Fireman Bob! Can you see the belt and Nona's boots? What about his face?Here's a close-up! Now you can see the eyeliner in action!
Here's her second get-up! Do you like the scarf and the faded moustache?!!?
And last, but not least, Daddy snuck a bow in Parker's hair! He had NO idea that it was there! Can you see Peyton in the background? She did NOT like her brother wearing her bow!


There was a lot of sweetness that occurred at Nona's house too! Andrea came over with Claire and Carter for dinner and all the "big" kids wanted to take turns holding Baby Carter. It was precious!!

Before the baby pictures though, I had to show y'all this one. I thought it was too sweet! Adam was tickling and loving on Parker and I snapped this pic.

Oh, and I also had to show y'all this sweet pic of my handsome boy. He's getting TOO big, TOO fast!

Ok, here's the first baby shot. Peyton wanted to hold him first. Do you think she was excited about it?!?!
Now it's big sister's turn! Of course, Parker had to have a turn too! Look at Carter sweet! I know Carter is fussy in this pic, but it was so sweet of Parker, that I had to include it. He was SO sweet with Carter all night...very loving and very protective over him. He's going to make a great big "cousin"!!


After bath, as we were all loading up, getting ready to leave, the kids decided it was silly face time! They all stood in the kitchen making faces and a LOT of noise. It was hilarious! If you want to see videos of them, you can go to Andrea's blog. Just click on her name.

Here they all are making their silly faces!
They realized they could see their reflections in the oven, so they're all turned around looking at themselves.
Here's a close-up of Peyton's silly face!
Here's a close-up of Claire's silly face!
Parker wouldn't let me get a close-up of his face! Of course not...that would be too easy and he would have to cooperate!

I hope you all enjoyed the LONG post and all the pictures! Oh, and by the way, I know the kids are wearing their Cowboy gear on a Sunday in which the Cowboys didn't play. I had a brain fart that morning and forgot that the Cowboys were on a Bye last week. We had to leave the house at 8:00 in the morning though, so once I realized it, I wasn't about to change them. I am NOT a morning person!

Hope everyone is doing well! Love you all!


Michelle said...

Those are some super sweet pics!

Melody said...

I love all the pics! They are great!!