Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He's a Big Star!!

Parker had his first school performance on Monday night! We were all so excited about it! Parker didn't do much on the stage, other than act goofy, but he was still the cutest thing ever! I was definitely one proud Mama!

I had him pose outside his classroom so I could get a few cute shots before the performance.
This was my favorite picture from the whole night! It shows his personality 100%!He really needs to work on his fake smile.
Here's a pic of several of the kids and his teachers waiting for their turn on the big stage.
This is Parker's Fan Club...including myself!
(Grumps, Granna, Annie, Nona, Aunt May, Adam, Claire, and Peyton)
Nona and Aunt May...they look so pretty!
Me and my handsome hubby!
Me and my Mama
Claire Bear - this is the only picture we were able to get of her by herself
Me and my Daddy
Me, my MIL, and Aunt May
Me and Annie


As soon as the music started, the girls had to get up and dance!
They were rocking out with Granna!
Carter got hungry about half-way through, so Mom went to the back, where they have gliders, and fed him a bottle.
This is the only picture I got of Peyton by herself, and she wouldn't even look at me! She was rocking in the chair, trying to be like Granna!

(These pics aren't great. My camera apparently doesn't take good shots from far away. If you double-click on a picture, it will make it bigger)

Here's the whole class when they first got on the stage. Parker is the second from the right.
Here's another group shot
They got to play the bells in their last song!
Aren't they cute?!?!
Here's all the classes for the grand finale! If you make the picture big, I made an arrow pointing to Parker.
Can you tell he had no desire to sing the last song?


This is the only shot I got after the performance because it was so busy and crowded. It sure is a cute picture though!! They got a candy cane as their treat after the performance was over. He was a huge, sticky mess by the time we trekked out to the car!! Thank goodness for wipes!
I hope you all enjoyed the pics as much as I did! It was definitely a day I will never forget!


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Anonymous said...

I love my P. The program was adorable. Even though he can be stubborn he's still adorable. You are my first baby and I adore you too. Love Aunt May

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather! The pics are way cute. It's a shame the distance was an issue though. There will be so many more grand performances though. He is adorable. Grumps looks like he's having a real good time huh! :) I'll be prayer for little Carter and his family, that must be terrifying for them. thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Hey there! How super sweet! I bet Parker was the star of the show. Lovest you all bunches.

Anonymous said...

Such cute kids!!!

The Seymore's said...

How cute! I bet it was fun watching the little ones at this age! BTW ~ love all the look terrific in all of them! :)