Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Little Helper

This morning we began decorating the house for Christmas. It is no small me!! I actually dread this day every year. I LOVE having the house decorated, but I hate doing the job.

Luckliy though, I always have lots of help! Thanks Mom, Aunt May, and Nona! Also, thanks to Adam for getting the 15 or so HEAVY boxes down from the attic! Oh, and we can't forget the Peanut! He was definitely a big helper this year. Well, he tried to be! I think he may have been in the way more than he actually helped, but it was still very sweet that he was so excited about it.

Aunt May snapped a few pics when Parker was helping us hang the hooks on the mantle. YES, I am in my robe, and YES I look like absolute crap...but, the pics are to show My Little Helper, so look at him!!

Helping out!
Hanging a hook.
I have the cutest helper in the whole world!!


Michelle said...

Um, is that really called a robe? I think my Mema wore those quite frequently...He, He!

Anonymous said...

my little punky pie is growing up way too fast!!