Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Latest Obsession

These hideous shoes are Parker's latest obsession!!
Let me explain. The ground cover for the playground at Parker's school is RED SAND! Why they did that I will never know. Parker comes home covered in it every Monday and Wednesday. He is literally covered in it from head to toe on most days.

Anyway, his shoes, which are (WERE) mostly white, are now brown and disgusting looking. I went to Target on Thursday in search of some play shoes that are going to be strictly for school. They had the Cars shoes on clearance for $6.00. I normally NEVER buy him stuff with characters on it unless it's pajamas, but I figured since they were only going to get nasty, it didn't really matter. I picked up the pair of 9's and let him try them on. They were WAY to big, but they didn't have an 8 or 8 1/2. I tried to take them off his feet, and that is when the drama started!!

He started having a meltdown right in the shoe department of Target. I tried explaining to him that we couldn't get the shoes because they were too big. His response was, "NO MOM, THEY ARE PERFECT FOR ME!!" I decided I would let him wear them around the store and then hand them to the person at the check-out counter before we left. Oh, heck no!! That didn't work either! So now we are the proud owners of some VERY ugly Cars shoes that are WAY too big!

He wore them the whole rest of the day and would hardly take them off to take a bath that night. As soon as he got out of the bath, he had to put them back on. The next morning, as soon as he woke up, he went to find the shoes and put them on. I'm telling you, he thinks they are the best things ever made!

The only way I got him to wear his Crocs yesterday was by telling him that we weren't going to go see Grandpa if he didn't wear them. It is often muddy over there, so I like him to wear those because I can just hose them off. This morning when we were getting ready to go to Nona's house, he tried putting them on again. I talked him out of it by telling him that his blue shoes were his "football" shoes and since he was wearing his "football" shirt, then he should wear the ones that matched his shirt.

I know this has been a long post about Parker's shoes, but I don't think anybody can truly understand how obsessed he has been over this pair!! It has been hysterical! I have included some other pictures for you to see why he desperately needed some new tennis shoes!
Here's another pic of the beautiful, new shoes!
Here's one pair of his shoes that are totally ruined.

Here's another pair.

These are his new "football" shoes that will NEVER be worn to school! My mom got them on clearance for $10.00!! She always finds the best deals!

I hope I didn't wear y'all out too much with all the shoe talk. I will have another post tomorrow from our fun day at Nona's house. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Love you all!


Hollie said...

Hey girl!! I am SO SORRY for being such a loser! Things have been a little crazy and I meant to respond to your comment on my blog and totally forgot until I just saw your picture on the 'following' part of my blog. I'm glad you did that or I really might have forgotten all together! Anyhoo...

I can't believe you saw us at the Adolphus! Were you there for the same wedding or something different? You should of said something, girl! I'm glad you left a comment though...isn't blogging great?!

Well, I can't wait to read more about your family (probably not tonight though...I can't believe I'm still up!). Thanks again for saying hi! Talk to you soon!!

Andrea said...

Wow...those shoes are worse than you described! Hilarious!