Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Surprise Aunt May!!

On Thursday, we surprised Aunt May, and went to visit her at work. We hadn't been up there in FOREVER. Peyton was still in a carrier the last time we went to visit! She was so excited to be able to show off her babies; and I am one of those babies!

Luckily they weren't very busy when we stopped by, so everyone was able to hang out and chat for awhile. We were there over an hour! The kids had a blast running the halls and chasing Aunt May. I think they were playing their own version of Tag.

It took Peyton a little bit to warm up to everyone, but as soon as she saw they had "pops", she was a happy camper! They both had a lollipop, which fueled them even more with energy. I was scared the whole building was going to be able to hear them screaming and giggling!

Can you tell how much fun they were having?!!?
Aunt May wanted to play too!
They did not want to cooperate for a picture!
Attempt #2
Attempt #3. I gave up!
The kids and the ladies! They were so sweet to my babies!
Parker was taking a break from running
Aunt May and Bitty
I have several more posts to do, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. It is WAY past my bedtime! Parker had his first school performance tonight. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen! There are LOTS of pics coming soon!

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