Sunday, January 4, 2009

All Dressed Up

We have had a tradition in our family since my brother and I were babies to always dress up on Christmas eve in our finest to attend evening services. We have carried on the tradition with my kiddos and I absolutely love to see them all decked out!! Of course, the rest of us attended services in jeans and sweaters, but it's all about the kids anyway!

Here's some pics of them all dressed up! They were all taken after church, because as usual, we were rushing out the door. That will explain why Peyton was so hungry and is eating in half of her pictures!

Parker doing a little poseMy babies - her mouth is full of banana!
SO cute!
So serious!
Not cooperating because I took away her bowl
Who knows what she's laughing at!
The fake smile cracks me up!
"Do NOT take my bowl from me again!!"
Couldn't they just give me ONE where they're both looking at me and smiling?!!? I don't ask for much!
Nope, just Parker on this one
SO handsome!
Not quite sure what this pose is. I think he's trying to be GQ!

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Granna said...

our babies are just beautiful!!!!! they looked too cute for words all dolled for church!!!!