Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy 40th Shawn!

Last weekend we attended a surprise 40th birthday party for Shawn. Shawn is Adam's BFF from work and we really love him and his family! We had a really great time at the party and Shawn was a great sport about wearing all the silly stuff that Tonya asked him to!

Here he is in his crazy hat! Adam wouldn't be caught dead in this thing!I for sure made him pretend like he was blowing out his candles. When he was doing it for real, my camera was being stupid and wouldn't take a picture. It turned on, just as he finished blowing out the candles!
Tonya and Shawn
Only a real man can wear a purple boa while breaking open some craw fish!

Doesn't he look good for being such an "old" man?!?!

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