Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kid's Christmas Eve

Another family tradition that we have had since my brother and I were little, is to open presents on Christmas eve, and do Santa and stockings on Christmas morning. A lot of people that I know think this is crazy, but it is what we have always done, and it makes total sense to me!

Since the kids are so young, and have to go to bed early for Santa, they open their presents first. We all watch them rip open the packages with excitement, and have just as much fun as they do!

Peyton opening her first present Parker opening his first present
Such a serious face
Reaching out for another gift
Handsome man!
LOVE the face he is making...wasn't too excited about clothes!
Is it just me, or does this look like "poop" face?!?!
Showing off one of his new sweaters
SO excited about his new game!
Inspecting his new Spider Man
He looks shocked!
For some strange reason, Bitty was SO excited about her new socks! She cracks us up!
Parker's new guitar
He was beyond thrilled about this gift! I knew what Aunt Kate had gotten him, so I had him open it last. If he would have opened it first, he would have had no desire to open the rest of his gifts. The funniest part though, is that I think Adam has played it WAY more than Parker!

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Granna said...

rock on, parker poo!!!!