Monday, January 12, 2009

Craft Day

Last Wednesday during their weekly visit, Andrea and I decided to do some crafts with the kids. We had planned on doing Christmas crafts before Christmas, but with our busy schedules and kids getting sick, it never happened. The kids had a great time doing their crafts, but their attention spans weren't really long enough to do but one. I thought the second craft that we had lined up was pretty cute, so Andrea and I did them anyway; on our own, while the kids played.

Bitty is coloring one of her plates for her tambourine
Parker is pretty much left-handed, but while doing this project he became ambidextrous, and colored with both hands
Claire loved doing the coloring...she wanted to use EVERY color
Once the kids colored their plates, we let them glue on pom-pons too. They were pretty funny with the glue. This job took both adults, so there weren't any pictures taken during this step. The kids knew to stick on a pom-pon wherever I had put a dot of glue, but Peyton decided that once she stuck it on a spot, she had to take it off so I could put more dots of glue and she could stick it back on. This was by far her favorite part! Parker and Claire were just concerned about about how many dots they got. As soon as they would finish covering their dots with pom-pons, they would ask for more dots. Andrea and I had a blast watching them!
Anyway, we turned the plates into tambourines. Once they had finished decorating, we attached a few streamers, filled one plate with rice, and stapled the two plates together. They made great little instruments, and they weren't too loud! That's always a plus!

The second project that Andrea and I did on our own, were crowns, made with a paper plate base. We had to cut a big hole into the plate; large enough to stay on their heads. Then we attached construction paper that we had cut into a crown shape. Of course, we wanted to decorate with pom-pons too, so we glued a few on the tops of all 3 crowns.

By the time we finished this project, the kids were ready to eat lunch and were COMPLETELY over craft time. Therefore there aren't any pictures.

Here's Bitty's crown
Here's Parker's crown
After dinner that night, I had the kids put them on so I could at least get one picture. They were sitting too close to each other for them to fit properly, but you get the idea. I think they look precious!

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Ashley said...

Awww...Landon wants to come to craft day! Looks like yall had fun! I'm soon to be in the stay-at-home mommy club, so we'll have to join yall for some fun sometimes!