Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 26th Jeffrey Wayne!

My little brother would have been 26 on December 27, 2008. I still can't believe he would have been that old! I will always remember him as a crazy, happy, funny teenager!

He passed away when he was 17, in a terrible car accident. This year, on June 21, it will be 9 years since he's been gone. Totally crazy! Sometimes it still seems like yesterday!

I loved my little brother SO much! We fought like all siblings do, especially teenage siblings, but there was no doubting our love for one another! I could do or say whatever I wanted to Jeff, but if anyone else did something to him, they better start running. I was a very protective big sister!

I don't have any pictures on the computer of my brother, because he passed long before I got a digital camera. Our scanner isn't set up at the moment, but when it is, I will have to scan in some pictures from our childhood and show you.

This post was not meant to bring anyone down. I simply wanted to say Happy Birthday to my little brother, and introduce him on my blog! I believe this is the first time I have mentioned him.

Jeff, I miss you EVERYDAY and I think of you all the time. I know you are in a better place, but it still doesn't keep me from wishing you were here with me! I know you would have been an AMAZING Uncle to my sweet babies! I love you SO much! Love, your big Sister


Granna said...

i miss your brother so much!! god gave us an angel when you had parker because i see so much of jeff coming out in parker every day!! god works in mysterious ways.

Cassidy said...

I have silly memories about him too!! I feel like he was my own little brother. We all fought like crazy, but deep down we loved each other! I'm so glad we have an angel watching over us! I love that Goonie! :)