Sunday, January 25, 2009

Peyton's Party

Peyton's birthday party was definitely a success!! We had around 30 adults and 12 kids all shoved into my little house. Despite the fact that it was pretty crowded and SUPER loud, everything turned out perfectly!

It was so great to have the majority of our friends and their babies all together! It is very rare that that can happen. It is amazing to me how all of our families are growing. Not only were there 12 kiddos here, ranging from 10 years to 3 months, but we also had 4 preggos here (Ashley is carrying twins)! So that means next year, if we are all able to get together again, there will be 17 kiddos...WOW!!! That is so exciting to me!

Thanks to everyone for the precious gifts you bought for Bitty! Although I put on the invitation "no gifts", everyone still showed up with a present. We are so grateful to have such a great family and wonderful friends. Thanks again everyone...Peyton has a whole new wardrobe for Spring and Summer!

I decided I was going to make the birthday cake this year. I normally always make cupcakes, but this year I attempted a 3 layer round cake. It was a neapolitan cake with white icing; white layer, chocolate layer, and strawberry layer. I am not a good "icer", so the icing was a little uneven, and the layers were a little crooked, but I think it turned out OK. Even though it wasn't the prettiest thing, it still tasted good, so I guess that's all that matters!

Peyton refused to sleep at all yesterday, which normally makes for a VERY unhappy little girl. I was very worried that she was going to be awful at her party, but she ended up doing just fine. She was a little cranky here and there, but there weren't any meltdowns...thank goodness!! She and all the kids had a blast playing and opening presents. The present opening was pretty much a free-for-all, so we had boxes, tissues, and paper was pretty funny!

I ended up giving the camera to Adam for the majority of the party...not a good idea! Sorry baby, but you know you aren't the best at taking pics. The majority of the pictures that he took were goofy ones of our guy friends or pics of people when they weren't expecting it...go figure! So, there aren't a lot of great pictures, but between the few that I took and the few of his that turned out ok, I'm able to post about 20.

Here's the cake I madeCan you tell it's a little lopsided?
This is most of the food that we had...lots of snacky stuff
Czarina, Andrea, and Alli
Smith acting goofy...playing with the kid's keyboard
2 of the preggos...Ashley and Forbes
A very dark group shot from the office into the living room
Miller and of Adam's pics!
Precious Peanut...not quite sure what he's doing, and I look awful in the background
Bitty getting ready to open presents
I guess at one point they dressed Parker up as Chainsaw Masacre. I didn't even know this had happened until I downloaded all the pictures. Too funny!
The Birthday Girl...she was so proud to be sitting in a grown-up chair!
Peyton was opening her new big girl bedding...she was SO excited, like she really knew what it was. She kept clapping and saying "YEA!"
The BEAUTIFUL painting my MIL painted to match Peyton's new bedding
Michelle...I got permission before I posted this...thought it was SO funny! She looks completely over the birthday party...I think she might have been ready to fall asleep!
Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday
I tried to put her hat on her and she was having NO part of it. She kept saying "Daddy wear it", so Adam put it on for a second to make his princess happy. She has him wrapped around her little finger!
She did NOT like it when we all sang to her. She was giving everyone the evil eye the whole time!
She didn't want to blow out her candle either
Adam called Parker over to help
Parker was very proud of himself!
I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Love you all!


Andrea said...

Thanks for having us to the party. Claire had a blast and Carter slept like an angel last night!

Michelle said...

It was a great party! Brody loved the tool area!

Melody said...

The Macs had a blast at Peyton's party!

LittlePeopleWealth said...

Cute pics! My Aunt has two children - Parker and Peyton, I did a double take when I saw your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather!
I am very impressed with your cake decorating abilities, I see a very bright future in that direction for you. Looks like ya'll had a blast, and congrats, your video make me tear up a bit. Mal's gonna be 18 in 3 weeks, and it seems like she was P's age, just a few years back, unbelieveable. She's precious, you have a wonderful family! Sooz

Granna said...

We had a great time at the party!! I wish they would not grow up so fast!! They'll both be in school before we know it! Makes me very sad.