Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trains at North Park

Every year around the holidays, North Park sets up a train exhibit. It is $5 per person to see the amazing trains, and all the proceeds go to The Ronald McDonald House. This is the first year we have gone, because we thought it would be the first year that Parker would truly enjoy it. I think we might have been wrong! If Peyton's reaction was anything like Parker's would have been a couple of years ago, we should have taken him then!

The kids absolutely LOVED it; especially Peyton! I was shocked at how excited she was. Although Parker was thrilled too, I think Bitty liked it more than he did! The adults enjoyed it too. It was almost overwhelming because there was SO much to see. I will definitely be taking the kids every year from now on!

Here's Peyton waiting in line. She had to wave to every train she saw! Don't know if you can tell by the way her mouth is shaped, but this is her repeating "Choo-choo" over and over.
This was Parker's initial reaction when we were waiting in line. They had trains going all around you and above you.
Here's Peyton in her conductor's hat, waving to another train.
So precious!
Parker in his hat trying to see over the rails
Can you see how overwhelming it was? I think it was a little hard for him to take it all in when we first went inside.
Nona and Peyton
Parker and Aunt May
Gotta wave to ALL the trains!
Aunt May, Nona, Granna, Parker, and Peyton
There were so many amazing scenes set up! Here's Mt. Rushmore
The Dallas skyline
A school playground. It was so cool! All the swings moved and there were kids playing tug-of-war.
An outside circus. All the rides moved too!
A Winter wonderland
The Statue of Liberty

For those of you that live in the Dallas area, and haven't been to see the train exhibit, you HAVE to go next year! Not only was it amazing, but it's for a great cause too!

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Granna said...

this is something we'll look forward to every year. the kids had such a good time. seeing their faces light up was just priceless!!