Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Night Out

Adam isn't big on birthdays, so he booked a show for his special night. I wanted to be with him on his birthday, so my MIL came and watched the kids and I was able to go to the show. Thanks Nona!

Let me give you a little run down of the night. We got to the club a little after 9:00 and the guys loaded all their equipment in. Andrea was able to have a night out too, so she met us at the club shortly after we got there. Once they got everything loaded in, they decided we should go get some dinner, because they weren't playing until 11:30.

We went to the first restaurant, which was also a bar, but we couldn't go in because Joey's girlfriend isn't 21. We head to the second restaurant, which is on the opposite side of the square. As we are walking, I trip on a curb that I stepped off of, not knowing it was there. I made the comment, "man, I sure am glad I didn't fall!" Well, apparently there were all kinds of other hidden curbs, because not 20 seconds later, I trip over one that was going up! This time though, I wasn't so lucky!

I start doing a slow motion fall...I swear it took me a good 10-15 seconds to finally hit the ground! I was thinking the whole time, "just fall already!" I finally fell, and fell pretty hard, but I was fine. Andrea immediately asks me if I'm ok, and my response was, "I'm fine, but is my purse ok?!!?" I was worried it was going to be all scratched up because it was the first thing to hit and skidded down the was fine!

Of course, my next reaction is to start cracking up. I start laughing hysterically, which gets Andrea laughing too, and I'm laughing so hard I can't get up. Well, Adam being the very shy person he is, and doesn't like attracting attention, is not liking this one bit! He wasn't concerned about me being hurt; he was concerned about people seeing me on the ground. So, in the middle of my laughing attack, as he is looking around frantically making sure no one is watching me, all he says is, "can you just please get up off the ground?!!?"

What?!?! I'm the one on the ground! I'm not embarrassed...why are you?!?! Anyway, I get up and we continue walking to the next place to try to eat. Everyone else is already there when we get there and has already ordered. Andrea and I sit down at the table and Adam goes up to order. He comes back within a second and looks very defeated! Apparently the place stops taking orders at 10:00. Wanna know what time it was? 10:01!!! I am NOT even kidding! Ridiculous!

So, Adam, Andrea, and I head to the third place to try to eat. It was an English pub, which wasn't very good, but at least we got to eat. Adam's friend from work, Jim, only lives a little bit from where The Lash Outs were playing, so he was able to come to the show. He met us at the restaurant and hung out while we finished eating. We were finally able to head back to the club with only a small amount of time to spare before the guys had to play.

It ended up being a great night after the little bits of drama. They played an awesome show and had a really nice crowd! It's always fun to stand right in front of the stage and watch my hubby do his thing! It makes it even better to have my best friend there with me to be goofy with! We had a couple of beers and danced along to every song.

I am never able to get a picture of the whole band because I'm too short. Jim though, being over 6 feet, was able to take this one for me. Thanks Jim!
Joey singing his heart outDustin knew I was about to take this pic, so he shot me a quick smile!
My handsome hubby!
Holby rockin' out!
Not quite sure how this picture turned out this way, but I thought it looked pretty cool!
Andrea and I...she is great at taking self-portraits!
Jim standing tall in the background

I hope you all had a great Friday night! Love you all!

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Lizzie said...

I cracked up at your falling story. I would have done the same thing as you. ha ha