Monday, January 12, 2009

Claire's scooter ride

I meant to do this post before the last one. I like to do them in chronological order; I'm a little OCD!

Anyway, Claire woke up before Peyton, and we took her outside to play. She immediately decided to ride the scooter. Of course, since the helmet was sitting next to it, she grabbed it too. She rolled the scooter out to the driveway before attempting to put on the helmet.

Here's what proceeded to happen:
"Hmmmm...let me check this thing out. I don't really think I need all this!""Nope, don't need it. I'll go put it back where I found it."
"Much better! I don't need a hat for scooter ridin'!"
"Aunt Heather, seriously?!?! WHY are you taking all these pics of me?"

Maybe this is one of those things that you had to witness yourself, but it was hysterical! To see the thoughts running through her head, while trying to figure out the helmet, was totally priceless! Maybe I'm just a proud Godmomma!

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