Sunday, April 26, 2009

Haircut? NO, Hair Torture!

Aunt May and I took Bitty to get a much needed haircut on Friday night. Before we left the house, I had pumped her up about it, and she was very excited! She kept telling us, as we were getting ready to leave, "haircut, haircut!"

Well, once we got to Wal-Mart, there was a 30 minute wait. So, we put our name on the list and went to get the things we needed in the store. When we got back to the salon, the idea of getting a haircut no longer sounded like a good idea to Peyton. She was MAD!!

I had to be the bad mom and take her out of Aunt May's arms while she was crying and throwing a fit. When I sat her in the chair, she was still pretty upset, but luckily she calmed down pretty quickly. Even when her haircut was complete though, she was still mad at me!! She refused to look at me so I could take a picture!

We kept telling her how pretty she looked, to try to get her in a better mood, but it didn't work. She would shoot me sideways glances and then turn her head again. It was quite comical!! She is definitely going to be my little drama queen!

Bless her heart! She was NOT happy! Calm now, but in strong concentration.
"What are you doing with those?!?!"
See what I mean? She would NOT make eye contact with me!

Overall it was an OK experience. I think her hair could have been cut a little shorter in the back to take off more of the stringy hair, but it still looks a LOT better than it did!
She's just going to have hair like mine...very thin, but a lot of it. She still has a TON of hair growing in. There are layers and layers still growing in where her bangs are and underneath. Hopefully within another year or so it will start looking less stringy!!

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Michelle said...

What a pitiful look! I love the new cut!